Harmony AT Expansion Brings More Fun and Creativity to its New Office Space

22 Dec 2023

Hanoi, October 27, 2023

I'm absolutely excited to share some fantastic news with you all. We've just expanded our office space at Harmony AT Expansion, your go-to BIM/CAD services provider for the construction industry. We've spread our wings to the 5th floor of the iconic Technosoft building in Hanoi City. This isn't just about more space; it's about fostering even more teamwork, creativity, and, of course, having a blast while doing it.

Harmony AT expansion


Harmony AT new office

Picture this: Harmony AT Expansion, now happily occupying both the 1st and 5th floors, has created a super modern and cozy ambiance that everyone loves. We celebrated our office expansion with wide smiles and a warm welcome on the opening day. As you walk in, you can't miss our check-in corner, adorned with fun photos capturing the spirit of all the activities we've organized. It's a shout-out to our awesome employees who bring a dash of enthusiasm to everything we do.

Harmony AT team

Our Managing Director, Lien Nguyen, couldn't be more thrilled. She said, "Our expansion to the 5th floor shows our growth and our commitment to giving our team an environment that sparks creativity and collaboration. We believe in investing in our people and providing them with a workspace that not only reflects our company values but also inspires innovation."

Our new office space isn't just about desks and chairs; it's about nurturing ideas, sparking creativity, and making space for everyone to work their magic together. We've got spacious workstations, cutting-edge meeting rooms, and cozy breakout areas where you can unwind and brainstorm. It's the perfect blend of personal excellence and team synergy.

The grand opening was a blast! We celebrated this milestone with an open house event, where our team showed their excitement for the new space. The joyous photos from that day capture our dedication and passion for Harmony AT Expansion. We also received a lot of love as well as fresh flower bouquets from long-time partners. This is a great motivation for us to move forward.

Harmony AT growth

This expansion marks a new chapter in our journey. We're all about staying ahead in BIM services for the construction industry, and this new office space helps us do just that. We're excited about the endless possibilities this expansion brings, not just for us but for our fantastic clients as well.

Harmony AT development

For a sneak peek into our fun and innovative workspace on opening day, check out the photos on our website. We can't wait to explore all the amazing ideas and opportunities this expansion will bring to our team and our clients.


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