BIM/CIM Simulation And Visualization Services

Transforming the way you visualize to experience mixed reality by merging the real and virtual worlds

The Low-Cost, Highly Adaptable BIM Simulation & Visualization Services

Harmony AT has been providing world-class BIM/CIM simulation and visualization services, but they have also been quite affordable and accessible for many years.

Our highly qualified team of architects, builders, designers, and consultants has full advanced technical knowledge of BIM/CIM and construction planning to give you a clearer picture of each phase of the construction and ensure that each client receives the greatest service to incorporate the best architectural design solutions, freeing you from the time-consuming work of designing ideas and models.

Benefits Of Using BIM/CIM Simulation And Visualization Services
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Facilitate approvals and decision-making faster
benefit image
Preventing mistakes in realization
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Convert your data into a dynamic 3D model with amazing quality and realism that can be navigated in real-time
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Have a deep understand and visualize the planned project in photorealistic detail
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Marketing materials to promote the project
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Helps in viewing details in day & night model

Our Services

Delivering quality and cost-efficient solutions, conveying design ideas in lifelike situations


Our team of experts provides photorealistic renderings with the precise design, material, and lighting specifications of your scheme, including people, vegetation, fixtures, fittings, and furniture. In addition, we can add a time dimension during rendering to show the changes of the project and objects over time, such as by creating a video simulating the construction process, site operation, traffic arrangement, and route of vehicles in the project.


We create photorealistic, high-quality 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, etc. visualizations of buildings not yet constructed or re-imagined, which considerably contributes to a better understanding of what the object looks like, or should look like, and how it works. It also helps speed up decision-making within construction due to the improved physical understanding of the space and proposals.


Our walkthroughs use cutting-edge techniques to make the most realistic designs with sound effects, which provide a virtual tour of a building or a space. This service is designed with all architects, interior designers, and developers in mind who want to present their designs through a more realistic lens.

Virtual Reality & Augmented reality

We leverage the power of AR and VR to take their modeling to new heights by providing designers, architects, and project owners the chance to work with vivid and realistic structures rather than old generation simulation models. This helps them evaluate, modify, and sketch designs in the virtual environment to deliver superior architectural design models.


We leverage industry-leading software to ensure that you have real choice in your visualization workflow.


Twinmotion provides dynamic, real-time 3D architectural visualization, powered by the Unreal Engine from Epic Games. Therefore, Twinmotion is the perfect choice for architecture, construction, urban planning, and landscape professionals.
Twinmotion enables the creation of more interactive experiences, such as realistic still imagery, environmental animations, and even VR integration for digital tours. As a result, our clients will be able to interact with our architects and designers in real time and request adjustments much more quickly than using more traditional developmental tools.

Process Of Our BIM/CIM Simulation & Visualization Services

Step 01

Step 01

Gather data from clients: site plan, CAD drawing, sketch, PDF or model, material specification necessary to estimate the project

Step 01

Step 02

Review your project in the pre-design or schematic design (SD) phase and provide your feedback for editing

Step 01

Step 03

Approve the first draft version of the rendering to continue the rendering process.

Step 01

Step 04

Get realistic images with perfect lighting, reflections, textures and at specified resolutions