BIM Automation And Scripting

Streamline the work in limited time and without any rework to avoid delay at the construction site.

BIM automation - Opening doors to faster timelines, better precision and more efficiently

The rise of automation in the AEC industry not only makes construction more accessible but also increases production. Besides, BIM Automation eliminates the duplication of repetitive processes, rushed calculations and reports.


Therefore, Harmony AT, a trusted BIM partner, helps you create strategies throughout project development that can be systematized and replicated to automate processes. And these processes can be programmed to do all time-wasting, repetitive operations and the same configuration can be used for different projects.


We accelerate lead times, enhance design accuracy, enable better resource utilization and empower clients to create efficiencies across projects.

automation and scripting
automation and scripting
automation and scripting
Why BIM Automation is making a positive stir in the AEC industry
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BIM automation gives a flexible approach to 

delivering on any type of project

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Increase productivity

BIM automation boosts the productivity by simplifying the process and streamlines your tasks

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It promises accuracy and an eye for 
detail while having a fast-paced process.

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Reduce risks

BIM automation highlights the possible risks and clashes at an 

early stage helping to minimize the risk of revisions

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Reduce human error

Manual efforts might lead to more errors and automation 

can decrease it to ensure efficiency and consistency.

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Save time

Automation saves you a lot of time by cutting down on inefficient manual activities and focusing on other business-driven activities

Automate your BIM models with our services
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Revit macros development

Macros are a series of user-defined commands generated through Revit, stored in Revit project files and that can be executed directly from Revit. Thus, our Revit automation experts leverage Revit macros to create codes and scripts and automate tasks, which enables you to develop powerful 3D BIM models, saving you hundreds of hours on every project.

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Generative design

We give the generative design used algorithm through automation. Specific design parameters based on project requirements are fed into Revit-friendly automation tools to generate thousands of potential design options, which helps designers and engineers visualize designs with the best performance for quick and sustainable construction and operations.

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Dynamo scripting

Our team of skilled engineers delivers a specialized Dynamo scripting service to generate bespoke code that can speed up any repetitive or time-consuming tasks and automate monotonous Revit tasks, assisting architects in streamlining BIM workflows in Revit.

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Design automation API

Forge is a platform of cloud products and services (SAS and PAS) created by Autodesk, enabling access to the automation capabilities of Autodesk’s core products as cloud services. Thus, we help you automate repetitive tasks by leveraging the scale of the Forge platform and running scripts on design files in the cloud.

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Revit automation

Our experienced design automation teams provide Revit Dynamo automation services using APIs to standardize the design process by simplifying setup, modeling and interdisciplinary coordination within the Revit model. In addition, we help you create, explore and extend the functionality of Revit and build codes to automate repetitive tasks.

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