Workshop on BIM Application in Hanoi Transportation Projects: A Resounding Success

22 Dec 2023

In the dynamic landscape of the construction industry, Building Information Modeling (BIM) has transcended from a mere trend to an indispensable reality, permeating every stage and domain of the field. Recognizing this transformative power, the Vietnamese government has taken a pivotal step by officially approving the Roadmap for BIM Implementation in Construction Activities. This landmark decision, signed by Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha on March 17, 2023, marks a turning point in the development of Vietnam's construction industry.

The roadmap mandates the mandatory adoption of BIM for Grade I and Special Grade projects starting from 2023, with the scope expanding to Grade II and higher projects under state budget investment from 2025 onwards. This progressive approach necessitates close collaboration among government agencies, educational and research institutions, and construction enterprises.

To align with the government's directive and facilitate effective BIM implementation, Harmony AT, in collaboration with the Hanoi Department of Transport and Communications, the University of Transport and Communications, and the Institute of Economics under the Ministry of Construction, proudly hosted the workshop "Application of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in Hanoi Transportation Projects" on April 23, 2024.

The workshop, graced by distinguished guests including:

  • Dr. Do Viet Hai - Deputy Director of Hanoi Department of Transport
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Hoai Duc - Vice Rector of the University of Transport and Communications.
  • Ms. Nguyen Quynh Lien - Managing Director of Harmony AT
  • Dr. Ta Ngoc Binh - Head of Investment Economics Department, Institute of Construction Economics.
Managing Director of Harmony AT

The event delved into the fundamental aspects of BIM application for transportation projects in Hanoi, encompassing topics such as:

  • Mechanisms, Policies, and Costs of BIM Implementation in Vietnam
  • BIM Guidelines for Transportation Projects in Hanoi
  • BIM Applications in Design, Construction, and Bridge and Road Project Management
BIM implementation

Leading experts from government agencies, training and research institutions, consulting organizations, and reputable construction enterprises, including the Institute of Construction Economics - Ministry of Construction, the Project Management Board for Specialized Construction Investment - Ministry of Construction, Harmony AT, Vinasa Institute of Science and Technology - Vietnam Software Association, and Transport Design and Consultancy Joint Stock Company (TEDI), shared their valuable knowledge and experiences.

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Organized under a collaborative model involving government agencies, training and research institutions, and businesses, the workshop garnered immense interest from socio-economic organizations and transportation scientists. With nearly 100 delegates from departments, boards, agencies, traffic management departments, transportation and construction project management boards of Hanoi's districts, functional units of the Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Transport and Vietnam Road Administration, training institutions, consulting firms, and enterprises operating in the transportation and construction sectors, the event fostered policy refinement for BIM implementation in Vietnam and Hanoi. It also facilitated the exchange of valuable technical expertise for successful BIM deployment in the capital.

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Harmony AT's Commitment to BIM Advancement

As a global BIM service provider with 20 years of experience, Harmony AT is steadfast in its commitment to partnering with government agencies and enterprises in adopting BIM for transportation projects. This dedication stems from the company's unwavering belief in BIM's potential to transform the construction industry, paving the way for a modern, smart, and safe transportation system in Hanoi.

Harmony AT

Harmony AT's expertise and experience in BIM implementation, coupled with its unwavering commitment to collaboration, make the company an invaluable partner in Hanoi's journey towards a more sustainable and resilient transportation infrastructure.

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