The Signing Ceremony of the Partnership between Harmony AT and the University of Transport and Communications.

22 Dec 2023

On March 27, 2024, Harmony AT joyfully welcomed the signing ceremony of a partnership with the University of Transport and Communications (UTC) and a seminar on the Application of BIM in transportation projects at Room 501, Building A1, UTC - a significant milestone marking comprehensive collaboration in training, scientific research, and the application of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in transportation projects, bringing substantial opportunities for both parties.

Harmony AT

The University of Transport and Communications is a leading public university in the field of Transportation and Communications in Vietnam, providing high-quality education to produce skilled professionals meeting the sustainable development needs of the transportation and communications sector and the nation. It serves as a reputable research center in transportation and communications as well as other related fields, holding prestige within the region and international integration. It stands as a trusted institution for students, investors, and society.

A Win-Win Partnership

This collaboration brings significant advantages to both Harmony AT and University of Transport and Communications:

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For University of Transport and Communications


Elevated Training Standards

Students and faculty will gain access to cutting-edge BIM training programs, ensuring they remain current with the latest industry advancements.

Real-World Research Opportunities

The university will have the chance to participate in practical BIM research projects, bolstering its research capabilities.

Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice

Students will have valuable internship opportunities and participate in real-world projects, strengthening their ability to apply theoretical knowledge in practical settings.

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For Harmony AT


Top-Tier Talent Pool

The company will have access to a pool of talented students with a strong foundation in BIM, fulfilling its growth aspirations.

Sharpened Competitive Edge

Effective BIM implementation streamlines design, construction, and project management processes, ultimately enhancing Harmony AT's competitive advantage.

Broadened Collaboration

 This partnership opens doors for collaborative scientific research and the execution of BIM application projects in the transportation sector.

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In addition to the signing ceremony, a seminar on "BIM Application in Transportation Projects" was also held at the University of Transport and Communications. The seminar attracted the participation of many experts, lecturers, and students from the university. The seminar discussed the potential and benefits of BIM application in transportation projects, as well as shared experiences and case studies from leading experts in the field.

Besides, Harmony AT is proud to have many excellent alumni from the University of Transport and Communications working at the company. This is a testament to the university's training quality and a motivation for Harmony AT to continue cooperating and recruiting talented students from UTC in the future.

3D BIM modeling services Harmony AT

With strong belief in the close and effective cooperation, Harmony AT and University of Transport and Communications look forward to contributing to the development of Vietnam's transportation sector and creating practical values for the community.

The signing of the cooperation agreement and the seminar on BIM application in transportation projects are important events that demonstrate the commitment of Harmony AT and the University of Transport and Communications to promoting BIM application in Vietnam's transportation sector. This cooperation is expected to bring about positive and sustainable effects, contributing to the improvement of the quality of transportation projects and the development of the transportation sector in Vietnam.

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