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 A Japanese company offering design, construction, and retail services across the construction industry (Construction, Heavy Industrial sector).


Constructing a complete 3D model and simulating the construction process for a Tower Crane system, despite facing limitations in the provided documentation.

Photo of Tower Crane
Photo of Tower Crane

Scope of Work:

3D Tower Crane Model: Implement a comprehensive and accurate 3D model of the entire Tower Crane system, utilizing Inventor software and adhering to Japanese technical requirements.

Bridge Column Construction Layout: Develop a detailed 3D layout of the bridge column construction process within the Navisworks platform, visualizing each stage for improved planning and optimization.

Overcoming Data Hurdles:

While the customer supplied breakdown figures for the crane system, key detailed specifications were missing. To bridge this gap, our team employed ingenuity and resourcefulness:

Video and Document Research: We actively sought out relevant visuals and technical documents of similar crane systems, extracting valuable insights to fill the information gaps.

Expert Interpretation: Utilizing our extensive experience in Japanese construction standards and engineering principles, our team expertly extrapolated missing details and ensured the model adhered to all pertinent regulations.

Solution and Results:

Despite the initial data challenges, our team successfully delivered:

Detailed 3D Crane Model: A meticulously crafted 3D model of the Tower Crane system, encompassing all components with precision and adherence to Japanese technical requirements and standards.

Virtual Construction Simulation: An immersive 3D visualization of the bridge column construction process within Navisworks, enabling the customer to identify potential bottlenecks, optimize workflows, and enhance overall project efficiency.

3d model Tower Crane
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